Puppies ready to go home in April (Updated 3/26/20)

puppy training

Guide To House Training

  • Crate training is most commonly used. Dogs instinctively avoid eliminating where they sleep. Use a cage just big enough for them to stand and stretch out. Old towels work well for bedding.
  • In general, puppies can hold their bladders for their age in months plus one. For example, if a puppy is 2 months old, it should be able to “hold it” and remain in its crate for 3 hours.
  • This will mean taking them out a couple times at night.
  • At first, puppies may cry in their crates because of new environment and missing their litter mates. This will not go on forever. We keep the puppy crate in our bedroom so they can see they are not alone. Some have cried for many hours for a week, some for 15 minutes for 2 nights.
  • Once they are accustomed to the crates, they may start whining during the night just to be let out. Make sure that going out at night is only for potty break- not snack or play time.
  • Taking them out on a leash at first is helpful for them to learn what they are supposed to do. Tell them what a good dog they are in a high pitch voice and be excited for every pee and poop outside. Use the word your family has decided to use for this like "Go potty".
  • During the day, look for signs of sniffing around to take them out.
  • There will be accidents. Unless you catch them in the act, scolding will not be beneficial at a later time.
  • Link to bell training is below. Your dog learns an easy way to signal their need to go outside. 

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